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Our Servises

Individual Consultations

Our experienced nutritionists provide personalized consultations, creating customized nutrition plans to achieve your goals.

Physique and Health Analysis

Modern analytical methods allow you to assess body composition and overall health, providing valuable data for adjusting your nutrition plan.

Weight Management Programs

Developing personalized weight management programs, including strategies for setting and achieving weight goals.

Meal Planning

Creating balanced dietary menus that take into account your taste preferences and nutritional needs.

Medical Monitoring

Regular medical check-ups and feedback from our doctors to maintain the effectiveness and adjust the plan depending on your health condition.

Training in Proper Cooking

Participate in master classes from our chefs to learn how to prepare delicious and healthy dishes at home.

Events and Special Programs

Participation in various events such as themed dinners, tastings and special health programs.

Psycho-Emotional Support

Life coaching sessions and psycho-emotional support consultations to help manage stress and maintain psychological well-being.