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Sugar, Salt, And Fat: A Dangerous Combination

Most people love a good meal overflowing with sugar, salt, and fat. What's not to like? It turns out, a lot. Each ingredient on its own is no picnic for your health, but together it is an experiment that could change your brain. Researchers believe that the three unhealthy ingredients foster the creation of dopamine, which in turn, drives the desire for more of said ingredients. Cravings relate to addiction.

Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe?

Many chiropractors specialize in nutrition, and specifically what is good for you body, but also what foods you should avoid. Doctors of chiropractic have recently called for the labeling of GMO's or Genetially Modified Organisms in our food supply. This would allow people to make good choices on what they are putting in their body, and also allow them to make a choice to not consume a potentially harmful source of food.

Learn the Various Explanations Why You Should Consider Organic Food

Getting to Understand Health and Weight Management

The Future of Food: Industrial Farming

In the documentary The Future of Food, the repercussions of industrial farming are discussed. Organic farming has become increasingly popular in the US as has the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO's). Farming practices around the world have changed with the advances in technology invented by the industrial sector. Here we will discuss some of the potential risks and benefits posed by industrial farming.

Scientists and The Mediterranean Diet

Americans tend to like their fats in the saturated form, with all of their grains of the processed variety, their protein with legs of some kind and their sugar added anywhere their sweet tooth has a craving. As for fiber goes, they're more than happy to consume it - so long as it comes in a pill or in the form of french fries or similar.

Total health and wellness via The Mediterranean Diet

One thing that many individuals might not realize about Mediterranean diet is that the individuals who the diet plan is based around generally worked outdoors and reaonably hard. This means they were getting plenty of fitness each and every day, in addition to fresh air. This, in combination with the small portions these individuals would eat, led to very lean and muscular bodies. This served to reduce obesity and weight problems, which is another reason why they suffer far fewer fatalities from cardiovascular problems in comparison to people in the U.S.

A longer life through The Mediterranean Diet

Most people are not aware that there is a diet plan in existence which can extend their lives exponentially simply through whole foods and natural products. It is known as the Mediterranean diet, and if you have never heard about it before this is the world's premier diet for decreasing cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as cancer and others illnesses that most commonly cause deaths around the world.

The strength of The Mediterranean Diet

Although it has only been known to modern man as a diet term in the 20th century, The Mediterranean Diet has been in existence for millenia, with a history that dates back to the ancient Olympics & the Greek and Roman gods. It was Homer himself who described olive oil as the nectar of the gods, but it is not the only part of the diet that needs to be looked at. Rather, it is a total combination of elements that makes The Mediterranean Diet so powerful.

Looking at obesity numbers and The Mediterranean Diet

Once you start to compare the health statistics of the average American against those of the average individual living in the Mediterranean part of the world, you start see a startling number of differences. The first is the lower rates of obesity. The second - and far more important in the grand scheme of things - is the far lower rate of cardiovascular disease in comparison with the United States (and consequently, most of the other Western nations who share a similar diet to the people in the U.S.). Thirdly is the overall lifespan.

The whole foods aspect of The Mediterranean Diet

Every day more and more people are learning about the power of the Mediterranean diet. Organic produce and whole foods have begun to take charge in comparison against processed junk that people are finally learning is bad for the system. And while the United States still has 72% obesity rating, were more people are choosing to eat healthy whole foods such as through the Mediterranean diet.
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