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Introducing The Paleo Diet

I've been hearing about the Paleo Diet for a while. I knew it was based around whole foods, but I didn't know much else about it. As it turns out, I've been eating a very similar diet for a while. I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the Paleo Diet, its benefits, and a few recommendations on how to enhance it.

Sugar, Salt, And Fat: A Dangerous Combination

Most people love a good meal overflowing with sugar, salt, and fat. What's not to like? It turns out, a lot. Each ingredient on its own is no picnic for your health, but together it is an experiment that could change your brain. Researchers believe that the three unhealthy ingredients foster the creation of dopamine, which in turn, drives the desire for more of said ingredients. Cravings relate to addiction.

Beyond The Food Pyramid

Some time back, I set to look for a more healthy method of eating compared to the average diet in the U.S., which is filled with fat, salt, sugar, and a number of harmful chemicals. I figured a great starting point will be the USDA food pyramid, given that it had been ingrained into my brain from an earlier age, I assumed at least, for a good reason. After studying it along with its successor, MyPlate, I felt compelled to continue my search as both appeared to have glaring shortcomings.

Why Does It Cost More To Eat Healthy?

Eating healthily comes with the obvious pros, but cons as well. Healthy foods, such as those produced organically, are more costly for a variety of reasons. First, organic produce requires more hands-on labor, pricey inspections and certifications, larger volumes of natural fertilizers, as well as other farming techniques. These disadvantages can be significant for a small farm especially when comparing their cost structures to multi-billion dollar food enterprises that offer low prices because they pump cheap chemicals and fillers into their foods.

Checking Out The Benefits Of Glutathione For Alzheimers And Diseases Associated With Aging

If you are checking into the benefits of glutathione for Alzheimers you will find a great deal of information on the Internet. In fact, there is so much data available that it can be confusing, especially when one is trying to understand chemical and scientific terms. Here is a brief explanation of glutathione or GSH, (in plain everyday language) and why it may be beneficial for brain conditions like Alzheimer's disease.

Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe?

Many chiropractors specialize in nutrition, and specifically what is good for you body, but also what foods you should avoid. Doctors of chiropractic have recently called for the labeling of GMO's or Genetially Modified Organisms in our food supply. This would allow people to make good choices on what they are putting in their body, and also allow them to make a choice to not consume a potentially harmful source of food.

Typical Causes, Prevention, And Treatment of Honeymoon Cystitis

Honeymoon cystitis is mainly found among women. It is accompanied by discomfort in lower abdominal areas, regular desire to urinate, blood in urine and discomfort above pubic bone. A honeymoon is supposed to be pure enjoyment but exactly what takes place when the bride-to-be begins sensation ill during the honeymoon, and sex becomes a horrific act? Honeymoon cystitis is one term for a urinary tract infection. The "honeymoon" part indicates regular sexual intercourse with a brand-new partner.

The Summary of UTI in Men: Sources, Symptoms, and Treatments

Male UTIs are typically a result of a blockage-- such as a urinary stone or enlarged prostate, or a medical treatment involving a catheter. The first step is to identify the infecting organism and the drugs to which it is sensitive.

Vegetable Juicing Recipes for Many Who Don’t Like Veggies

You may think you do not like vegetables, however choosing the best vegetable juice recipes might just convince you! Juicing veggies might just open a whole new world for you.

Ways To Reduce Stomach Fat

The stomach is amongst the most challenging areas of the body to be free of fat. While it seems like other parts respond well to exercise and dieting, the stomach is often unwilling to change, and there doesn't seem to be one effective way of shedding fat there without taking it off in other places. There is a lot of contradictory advice regarding how to loose your beer belly, from extra crunches during a workout session to special fat-burning pills that are mocked by experts.
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