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Throughout history people have used home remedies and natural cures from ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and herbs.   These remedies are simple to make, no side effects, no chemicals, and are inexpensive. Not to mention being able to cure yourself.  Read how people are using these home-made methods in their day-to-day lives to stay fit and healthy.

How much do you value your health?  No longer are manufactured drugs the healthy choice, when expensive chemical or synthetic drugs now have so many side effects that the body has to deal with. People today are going back to natural remedies that have been used for thousands of years.

Using home remedies is designed to use the natural chemicals in herbs, spices and other foods to tackle foreign element in the body that is causing pain or infection.  This can sometimes be a safe alternative to having to use medication. Though essential for chronic conditions, antibiotics are not always necessary, especially for a lot of minor ailments.

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Common Home Remedies Used

2016-08-24 13:35:38 ArmandoRodriguez

The use of specific spices, vegetables or well known items to treat an ailment is what is referred to as home remedies. Some may not have medicinal value, but are used as a result of being passed down from one generation to another. Others have however being proven to treat simple ailments such as head aches, sprains, or fevers. Each home remedy could help treat different ailments.

A scented solution of peppermint oil can be very helpful when dealing with severe headaches. The oil is convenient since it is cheap and comes naturally. After you rub it onto your temples, leave it for about thirty minutes for it to cool your nerves. The results are almost immediate.

Some people suffer from abnormal swelling of the abdominal area, a condition called bloating. If so, some dandelion tea can help get rid of the excess water the body is retaining. This it does by triggering bile juice from the liver which smashes fatty meals which make you bloated. A cup a day could make a positive change.

Massaging, peppermint oil menthol and ice are a good cure for back pains or aches if you are affected by them. You can apply peppermint ice massage. This involves first mixing a cup of water with about two drops of peppermint oil and freezing it. After freezing, remove the cup, empty the contents into an ice bag and have a friend apply it on your back smoothly.

For sore throats and persistent coughs, make quick syrup to help reduce the coughs. This simple remedy is made by mixing cayenne pepper (1/4 teaspoon), water (2 tablespoons), apple cider vinegar (one teaspoon), and honey (one tablespoon). It has been proved that a little of this helps to reduce the coughs and sore throats.

When the roof of your mouth is touched by something cold on a very hot day, a brain freeze is prone to occur. If this happens, you can try sticking your thumb on the roof of your mouth, and apply pressure on it for about thirty to sixty seconds, thereby calming the nerves and reducing the pain. This is done by the heat generated from your tongue.

If you suffer from insomnia, try this for a change. Instead of your regular midnight snack, take a dose of tart cherry juice before going to sleep. The melatonin contained in the tart cherry has been tested and proved to help very much in providing a good night sleep.

If you experience frequent muscle aches and muscle pulls, try rubbing a chunk of blue cheese on your shins or feet or the affected part. This cools the nerves by acting as a cold muscle therapy, thereby reducing the pain in the muscles. If this is not available, you can try taking a warm shower. This helps to reduce the tension in the muscles and shoulders. For inflammation or bruised injuries, rubbing an ice pack for about thirty minutes can help reduce the pain.

Want to find out more about Home Remedies, then visit Armando Rodriguez’s site.

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How To Get Rid Of The Flu Fast And Relatively Painlessly

2016-08-11 14:07:22 ToshCaliberni

So, you’ve come down with the flu and want to know how to get rid of the flu fast. Fair enough, who wouldn’t? And while there is some temptation to point out the ways in which you could have avoided it, we’ll resist and just jump to the chase.

There are of course various medications you can get by prescription from your family physician. We’re not M.D.s so won’t presume to comment on your relationship with your medical professional. If that’s the route you choose, probably best to be compliant with the treatment.

However, here’s an interesting thought to ponder. Medical anthropologists and others are discovering that the terrible death toll of the 1918 flu pandemic was significantly aggravated by physician mega-dose prescribing of aspirin. The thinking is that the aspirin caused patients’ stomachs to bleed, allowing the flu infection to get into their blood.

The point isn’t to demonize the medical profession. And no doubt such M.D.s were doing the best they could with the information and training that they had. Still, it is worthwhile to remember that using potent pharmaceuticals always presents some level of risk: even very small mistakes can have devastating consequences. And, there are some pretty effective, drugless alternatives.

If some of these suggestions sound a bit on the down-home side, don’t be put off. Just because your mother or grandmother gave you the same advice doesn’t mean it’s not good advice. They did know a thing or two. First on the list, cheesy as it sounds, is the solid advice to get lots of sleep and drink plenty of liquids. Water is top of the list for best fluids to drink. Another important measure, not widely enough shared as it should be, is the need to keep clean. Warm showers are great both for providing symptom relief, such as soothing your aching muscles and clearing up bronchial passageways, but also for the benefit of reducing contagion. If you get everyone else in the house sick, who’s going to make your chicken soup?

A few words on fever are required. Fevers are not fun and often the temptation is to take measures to eliminate a fever. However, unless it reaches 103 degrees, this is a very bad idea. Your fever is your body’s immune system doing battle with the flu — why would you want to unilaterally disarm it? We humans didn’t get to where we are today without evolving some pretty effective virus fighting biochemistry. Let your immune system do the job for which it has evolved!

Some other good ideas include the inhaling of the essence of essential oils. This offers much appreciated relief. Pour yourself a steaming hot sink of water and mix in the ingredients. Then you can drape a towel over your head. This allows you to capture the full effects of the essences. Breathe it in deeply. Here are some good options to go with for mixing into your steaming hot sink of water: add a couple teaspoons of freshly chopped ginger, eucalyptus or menthol. As you’d like to know which one works best for you, it is wise to try each one separately, taking note of the affects you experience.

vitamins can really be helpful, too. Take both A and C. Micellized A is best and the C should be food sourced, which is much more potent than the ascorbic acid sort (so you don’t have to take as much, of course). Also vitamin D3 can be good, but better if you can get it through regular exposure to sunlight. Admittedly, this isn’t always possible during flu season, but, if it is, it’s the way to go.

Finally, drinking warm liquids can be soothing (no, not coffee or mulled wine). Tea is good and apparently Green tea has shown some ability to actually reduce the time to clear the flu out of your system.

That should get you started. We understand that when you want to know how to get rid of the flu fast, you need quick and effective relief. These ideas should go a long way in getting you that relief.

Follow Tosh Caliberni for the latest scoop on fast drug-free relief at the site: How to Get Rid of the Flu Fast . Also his piece on the 3 Top Ways to Get Rid of a Headache without Medicine can be a real life saver.

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5 Best Herbal Treatments For Natural Home Remedies For Stopping Health Issues

2016-08-06 13:37:40 AlDancel

Maybe you have become sick but didn’t able to afford to visit the physician or even the pharmacy? The simple truth is, its not necessary a physician or even the pharmacy know how to use certain herbal treatments like a home cure.

The 5 herbs listed below have been used as herbal remedies for years to take care of common health problems. These herbal remedies are cheap, don’t cause harmful side effects, and can be conveniently used without leaving your home.

Lavender – Area of the daisy family, lavender has remarkable health advantages many people have no idea about. The antibacterial and anti-oxidants qualities present in this plant will help you effectively treat various infections as well as assist in preventing some cancer. Lavender also offers a soothing effect that’s been used to help relieve stress, motion sickness, insomnia, and anxiety problems.

Echinacea – Echinacea is among the most used herbal treatments due to its many health advantages. This plant is mainly accustomed to take proper care of the most popular cold and also the flu since it is an excellent defence mechanisms booster. Once your defence mechanism is more powerful it may be more efficient at battling not just the cold, but additionally yeast infections, microbial infections, and certain cancer.

Burdock Root – Burdock can be a plant that’s mainly contained in parts of Europe. Since burdock root comes with anti-oxidants it will also help prevent certain cancer by killing cancer cells.

Ginseng – People in China have known about the amazing health benefits of ginseng for years to treat various ailments like diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, and headaches. There are various kinds of ginseng out there but you should always go for the American or Panax for health problems.

Lavender – The lavender plant is extremely aromatic, and that’s why it’s the number 1 component in lots of scents all over the world. Not just may be the scent of lavender adequate for fragrances, but it’s many health advantages allow it to be ideal for dealing with and stopping conditions.

These are the top 5 herbs you can use for home remedies. Of course, there are plenty more herbs out there that have exceptional healing abilities. The next time you feel a little under the weather check around your kitchen because you may already have one of these herbs handy.

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Guidelines On How To Remove Skin Tags At Home

2016-07-27 13:15:19 JimmiDexter

Although skin tags are not always caused by serious medical problems, they are considered unsightly and people often choose to get rid of them. Doctors are not the only one who can help to remove skin tags , as there are large number of home remedies that give great results. First of all, you need to make sure that what you’re dealing with is a skin tag. Still, before selecting any treatment, you need to be certain that your skin formations are indeed tags. Remember that skin tags are never larger than an inch, they have a neutral color, and they develop slowly.

If your tags do not look like this, then they probably are something else, and your doctor will provide you with more information. Skin tags are tiny stalks, and you can remove them at home effortlessly. The most popular method of removing them consists in attaching a piece of dental floss to their base and tying it in a knot. After you have tied the tag, and have stopped the blood supply from reaching it, you will need to cut the rest of the tag by using a nail clipper. And, if after the procedure you use antiseptic to clean the area regularly, your wound will heal faster than you expect. Before performing this procedure, you must sterilize all the tools that you intend to use, along with the site, in order to lower the risk of infection.

In case you’re wondering if this procedure is painful, you’ll be pleased to find out that most of the people who’ve tried it said that they only felt a slight stinging sensation. But, if your tags are wider, and present a different nuance, then you ought to consult with your doctor before trying to cut them. Similarly, before cutting the tag, you can numb it by using an ice cube, which will also reduce the blood supply. Additionally, it is compulsory to use a sharp pair of scissors, mainly if you do not want to be forced to repeat the procedure several times. Still, after you have removed them, skin tags can appear again and again. Then, you should visit your doctor.

If you are afraid that you will feel a lot of pain, you can simply opt for a different method. You could use a combination of castor oil, and baking soda for your tags, and if you apply this mixture regularly, they will disappear quickly. The main drawback is that your tags will disappear in a longer period of time, thus you will need to be patient. Similarly, you could try applying on your tags apple cider vinegar, or nail varnish. If you want to be certain that your tags will go away forever, you can try covering them with duct tape, after you apply the treatment. Generally, the tags fall off at the same time the tape works loose. Or, you could use a purchase a special cream from the drug store, and try using it. You could try them too, because they are very effective, and affordable.

And the best part is that all these methods imply using basic substances, and products, that can be purchased from any random store! Therefore, you will not need to spend a lot on money, on a product which may not work for you; learn how to remove skin tags at home instead.

To assist you understand a bit more about skin tag removal. Pay a visit to www.removeskintags.comIn order to learn a whole lot more pertaining to skin tag removal. Visit http://www.removeskintags.com/testimonial.htm

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Easy options that answer how to remove a mole at home

2016-07-26 13:29:52 CrystalElbert

Normal skin mole removal methods opted by dermatologists are laser surgery, cauterization and freezing off the moles. However, a lot of these methods are known to leave behind scarring as a side effect which is not ideal at all. Hence, it is very good if you know how to remove a mole at home so that you can always have clear skin. One of the best advantages of home remedies for removing moles is that you would be able to save a good sum of money. Many people are scared of being operated upon so this is ideal for them as well.

Dandelion root is a very effective ingredient that can be utilized for the removal of skin moles at home. Always use fresh roots if you are interested in using this product to treat your skin condition. The milk in the roots needs to be squeezed entirely after cutting them. You will have to rub the milk on the affected parts at least two times in a day. Mole free skin is guaranteed within a month if you use this method regularly without fail. Dandelion root is not hard to get hold of since it can is available in plenty of numbers in the marketplace.

Apple cider vinegar is probably the most efficient natural product used for removing skin moles that appear on different body parts. You may want to apply Vaseline gel before applying vinegar on the affected areas. Use a cotton ball for applying the vinegar on the skin moles on different parts of the body. The cotton balls can be taped over the affected parts with the use of a band-aid. The right time to do this is at night before you sleep. The development of a black scab is generally seen around a week. The black colored scab does not need to be removed as it falls and leaves smooth skin behind.

People can also use tea tree oil for removing moles as it has the capacity to act against a number of skin conditions very easily. The oil needs to be applied on the affected parts daily so as to get the desired effects quickly. Using this oil has been recommended by many as it starts to show good results in only a week’s time. You do not have to bother too much for procuring this oil with exceptional medicinal qualities as it is freely available.

Garlic is the most commonly found substance at home that can be used for effective removal of moles. If nothing else works for you, then garlic is the best substance that can come to your aid. Make a powder or paste of the garlic by crushing them so that you can rub it on the moles. Garlic pieces that are held together by tape to the skin can also be applied to the moles. Use garlic two times in a day for around a week to see positive results. These ingredients can be of high value if you are thinking how to remove a mole at home.

To find out a little more related to mole removal. Take a look at http://www.moleremoval.net/howitworks.htmTo assist you learn even more about mole removal. Go to http://www.moleremoval.net

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