Low Calorie Recipes

Recipe for Low-Calorie and Low-Fat Mango Guacamole

Combining fresh avocado with other fresh vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers and onions will generate a low-fat and extremely delectable guacamole recipe which can be served as a side dish to salads, with baked chips, or as a dip with fresh vegetables. Simple to prepare, this guacamole recipe takes just minutes to make. Any person who enjoys full-bodied flavor in foods but is watching his or her weight will appreciate this straightforward homemade guacamole recipe as a way to add delightful flavor to healthy meals.

These Things Called Low Carb Desserts

Sugar is only one of the many foods that people have constant cravings for. In fact, we all seem to be biologically predestined to crave it. During the prehistoric times, sugar was in very short supply so it came as no surprise that foods containing sugar, such as berries, were eaten a lot. However, that's not the case any more. Because of the ready and steady supply of sweets, cakes and the like, we have all the sugar we need. TOO MUCH, actually. You cannot possibly avoid sugar, even.

Delicious Low Carb Desserts For You

Low carb does not automatically mean revolting. People's fondness for sweet foods is what makes a lot of people break away from their diets and not able to keep their weight down. They get hooked on those chocolates, cakes and desserts that pose major temptations. Then I found out that you can get all that great taste and still lose weight and stay healthy. Low carb diets offer a variety of delicious, sweet-tasting desserts. In fact, there are so many that I haven't even had time to try them all!
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